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30 Day Self-Care Challenge – Day 4

Hello fellow self-care travelers.  It’s quite a path we’re on!

I don’t know if it’s about planetary alignment or what, but a lot of people I know are starting to take better care of themselves.  Including me!

In fact, I was eager to write several times this weekend, but because I was so focused on my own self-care journey, I didn’t turn on my computer.  Unplugging from technology is one challenging self-care strategy for many of us!  Can you do it?  I was unplugged for 2 days. 

Let me tell you how I prepared for my healthy living plan.

  • I got inspired by reading the Mars & Venus Diet and Exercise Solution–mostly because of the promise of positively affecting my brain chemistry.
  • I drew up a detailed plan for putting his 9-day program in place.
  • I bought all of the ingredients (food and a few supplements).
  • I cleaned my kitchen (including the refrigerator).  Because we all know, if your refrigerator is a wreck, your diet probably is too.
  • I went through all of my vitamins and supplements and threw out any that were beyond the expiration date, had a thick layer of dust on the bottle, or just didn’t resonate with me for one reason or another (like I couldn’t remember why I thought I needed to supplement with Folic acid). 
  • I weighed and measured myself to set the baseline.
  • I made a chart for writing notes about my energy, emotional state, and various other things experienced while doing the program.  In other words, I wanted to train myself to become more aware of my body and of my emotions, and I wanted to see what positive benefits I was getting for my effort.  Tracking changes and noticing benefits are two big motivators.
  • I scheduled time off from other responsibilities so I could focus on my plan.
  • I allowed myself to feel whatever I was feeling and to take cues from my body for how to best take care of myself.

It was like I was on a retreat.  It was all about me and my self-care.  Can you plan a long weekend to create your self-care plan? 

I can write a lot more about each of the items listed.  If any are of particular interest, write a comment below and I’ll say more about it. 

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