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30-Day Self-Care Challenge – Day 13

7 pounds!  So far that’s the result of my new self-care program.  I’ve never taken better care of myself in my life.  I’ll tell you about it, but first a little background.

As a wellness environmental designer, I think a lot about how our lifestyle choices are shaped by our personal environments (fast food restaurants, technology, busy lives, demanding jobs, sedentary lives, coffee shops, bars, athletic events (that we watch), and on and on.  There are endless opportunities to indulge in high fat, highly processed foods and beverages and many of us do so on a daily basis.  Rather than exercise and watch what we eat and drink, many prefer to take pills to lower their blood pressure and cholesterol and eat Olestra so that they can have their fat and eat it too.  And– I just posted about a pill that will take the place of exercise!  When that’s approved, that will be popular.

As a collective we tend to eat like the Romans, and if we keep it up we’re headed for a fall.  I was headed for a fall and didn’t know how to prevent it without giving up my daily pleasures.  I knew that my morning coffee was part of the hook that kept me tied to my old eating habits.  And my eating habits are good compared to the standard American diet.  But I couldn’t imagine not drinking a cup of coffee every morning.  Now I barely miss it – honestly.  I’m also not consuming any processed foods, sugar, soda, or alcohol.  Yes, I’m amazed too! 

I think people love diet plans because they promise us great success.  That promise gives us the impetus to give it a try.  Maybe this one will work! Diet plans often begin with a ritual that helps us wipe the old behavior pattern slate clean while we learn new behaviors.  This is a good thing.  Out with the old, in with the new. 

If you have a lot of negative eating habits, it’s difficult to change them without having a plan that sounds exciting.  My plan as you know if you’ve read the other posts is the Mars and Venus Diet and Exercise Solution.  Again, I was inspired to try it because of the promise of balancing the brain chemistry and thereby balancing my mood.  I knew my goose would be cooked if I couldn’t stay happy while eating a pure, clean diet–I’d feel sorry for myself and long for my coffee and other temptations like ice cream.

Instead of eating like the Romans, we should eat more like the pioneers who ate a diet of simple foods.  Special, high fat foods were consumed only on special occasions–not every day.  Now that I’ve wiped my habit slate clean, I’m enjoying eating more like the pioneers.  It’s satisfying.

Do you eat more like the ancient Romans or more like the pioneers?

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