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30-Day Self-Care Challenge – Day 5

Since I’ve gotten a dog (Toby), I walk more.  Don’t get me wrong–I walk plenty.  But now that I have a dog again, I’m walk him twice a day–the miles can really add up. 

It’s fun walking along the Kansas river (Kaw) looking at wildlife.  The other day I saw two red fox.  This morning I saw three blue herons fishing in the river.  And tonight when I got home, a big fat toad was waiting for us on the deck.  Toby didn’t even notice it!

Walking is a fabulous way to stay strong and lean.  It’s also a great way to destress.  And if you feel tired, a short walk will energize you. 

Have you heard the one about the fat dog?

If your dog is fat, you’re not getting enough exercise.

Dogs need exercise too to maintain their health and a healthy weight.  If you have a dog but aren’t walking it much, why not start this new routine?  Put the leash by the door and at a specified time, just head out the door.  If your dog pulls on the leash or is difficult to walk for any other reason, consider taking a dog obedience class–it’s the smartest thing I ever did as a pet owner. 

Any walkers out there?  Anybody walk their dog?

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