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30-Day Discipline Experiment – Day 6

When I finally got around to sweeping the deck, I reminded myself that delay is increasingly expensive.  The tassels that had fallen off my pecan tree this spring were wedged between the boards.  And there were still plenty of the helicopter seed pods from my neighbor’s oak tree stuck in the cracks too.  Because we had gotten a lot of rain, the mix had started to decompose and was impossible to sweep off.  This debris provided an environment for the deck to become discolored and damp in places.  I had meant to sweep it several times, but the wind had done a pretty good job of clearing the deck so to speak and I had gotten lazy.

As I worked to sweep away as much of the debris as I could, I was reminded of the habit farmers have of driving or walking their property on a regular basis–looking for anything that needs fixing or monitoring.  They keep an eye on everything.  Animals do this too.  I know when something is amiss inside the house, but now I want to get in the habit of “walking the fence” so to speak. 

Even though much of my yard is out of sight and out of mind, it isn’t out of my responsibility.  And I know that catching things early is a lot less work–like frequently weeding volunteer trees growing near the foundation or  fence before they get a foothold.  I learned this the hard way years ago when I had to dig them up and chop the taproot with a hatchet.  Now I’m hip to sweeping the deck as soon as the tree droppings fall–much easier! 

I guess you could say this will be a new discipline for me. 

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