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30-Day Discipline Experiment – Day 5

My 4th of July party was the best!  The food was wonderful, the weather was great, and everyone was in a happy, festive mood.  I’ve been in a happy place since I’ve been back from taking care of my parents and since I started this discipline experiment.  My life runs more smoothly when I’m focused on something I want or some way I want to be.  When I consciously choose how I want to live, everything goes better.  When I am unfocused and leave it to change, I get a mixed bag of results.

I spent the day today playing with friends – the entire day.  We started at a u-pick blueberry farm, went antique and junque shop hopping, then rearranged my office giving it a completely new look.  That change has inspired me to spend tomorrow filing, recycling paper (decluttering!) and organizing my office for ease and enjoyment.  I had so much fun today that I’m thinking about experimenting with spending one day a weekend completely free to be.  In order to make that work well (not stressing about so much to do), I will call upon my  discipline experiment to help me handle tasks during the week so that I can clear the decks for a day of fun on the weekend.  I will let you know how that goes. 

When I have an exciting goal, the goal pulls me forward – it does most of the work of inspiring me so that I don’t have to twist my own arm to get moving.  Doing this discipline experiment is causing me to stop, focus on what I want, and make a plan for how to get what I want.  It works for me!

One of my goals for this 30 days was to stop complaining.  I did well until my party, and then got caught up in the conversation. at the end of the evening.  Before I knew it, I was right there getting energy out of complaining.  But I caught myself and everyone agreed it was a good idea to stop.

I tell you, I’m getting high on discipline and being positive.  How is your 30-day experiment going?

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