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30-Day Discipline Experiment – Day 28

We’re entering the home stretch!

You know how you get psyched about a new healthy living plan and you get all of the foods and nutrients that go with it…and you schedule an appointment at the gym and you cook along for a little while and then your mood slips and you don’t have the “energy” to make another smoothie, or lift another barbell, or do another crunch?

I’ve experienced this too–it’s really frustrating isn’t it?  My massage therapist has experienced it too…At my recent visit she told me about a book that has been helping her maintain a steady “can-do” mood.  My ears perked up to be sure!

The book is called: The Mars and Venus Diet and Exercise Solution: Create the Brain Chemistry of Health, Happiness, and Lasting Romance

It’s the brain chemistry piece that I’m interested in exploring.  I’ve got the book and am flipping through it and trying a few things.  Are you familiar with the book and program?   Make your comments at the link below. 

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