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30-Day Discipline Experiment – Day 19

I love Brian Tracy.  I began listening to his audio tapes a couple of weeks ago while driving and I find myself backing up the CD repeatedly to catch again one of his many inspiring suggestions.  The series I’m listening to now is The Psychology of Achievement.  Even though it was published in 1984, it’s packed with wisdom. He is one of the best self-help authors I’ve read.  

Tonight I did a search of all things Brian Tracy and was not surprised to hit a gold mine of results.  Thought you might enjoy the fruits of my search:

Brian Tracy’s Web site

Brian Tracy–Article about Discipline

Brian Tracy videos on (tons to choose from)

Brian Tracy’s books at (new and used)

What I like about Brian Tracy’s stuff:

  • he starts with the foundation
  • he builds from the foundation
  • he provides interesting examples
  • he’s clear and he makes sense
  • he gives homework
  • he inspires action
  • he gives you hope
  • he speaks great wisdom about how to love people–especially your children

Anybody out there familiar with him? 

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