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30-Day Discipline Experiment – Day 16

Resistance – who doesn’t experience it now and then.  Some people are chronic resisters. 

How do we deal with resistance to achieving something we really want?  I do it by being nonjudgmental with myself about it (when possible).  I also work with my goal to make it feel more compelling than my resistance.  I believe that we keep doing what we’ve been doing until something more compelling comes along. 

How can you make your goal more compelling?

  • You can look underneath your goal to see what it is that you truly want.  When I say I want to do strength training, what’s underneath that…..why do I want that?  I want to be strong.  Why do I want that?  So that I can easily lift my groceries and do daily activities.  Why do I want that?  I want to be able to live independently and take care of myself.  I can keep going with this line of questioning until I go “bingo” that’s what I want!
  • You can discuss your goal with supportive people like I have in this 30-day series and get their inspiration and input.
  • You can visualize your life 1 year from now having achieved the goal and then imagine not having achieved the goal.  Eeew.
  • You can continue to work with the goal, tweaking and refining it every day.  It very well may morph into a greater, more inspiring goal.  My strength training goal might morph into strength building for my body, mind, and spirit. 

If you have an illusive goal and would like support achieving it, I may know someone who can help you.  Susan Johnstone, a colleague of mine, specializes in helping people work through their resistance to achieving something they really want.  She’s got a coaching special going on now through the end of July–15 minutes of laser coaching for $15.  It might be worth that much to find out what’s been stopping you!  If you’re interested, you can contact Susan for more information.

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