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30-Day Discipline Experiment – Day 12

Remember on Day 5, I wrote about having the discipline to get tasks done during the week so I could have a day (or two) completely free each weekend?  That’s been working well.  Friday morning I cleaned my house and got it “weekend ready” so I feel comfortable spending the entire weekend screwing around if I want to.  And of course, I do want to.

Today a friend and I drove around Kansas looking for small town surprises–restaurants, antique shops, and great Kansas scenery (Flint Hills, grain elevators, cattle, etc.).  What a fabulous day.  I feel regenerated.  We struck it rich (entertainment value) when we stumbled on Scranton, KS.  What a great little town–loaded with antique shops–a mecca!  Breakfast was really good too.

I am planning to keep working on having the discipline to work effectively so that I can play on a regular basis. 

Now it’s time for a movie.

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