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30-Day Discipline Experiment – Day 20

Heading into the weekend I had a long list of to-dos many of which had been on my list awhile.  For me that’s a recipe to drag my feet.  Have you noticed that the longer things are on a list, the longer they stay on the list–unless you call upon your inner grit.

The best way for me to tackle a list of things I don’t want to do is to call a friend and do a “work day.” 

How a Work Day Works

Two or more people call at a specified time and say what they’ll work on during the next hour (or two if that’s the agreed time).  Knowing they’ll be calling their buddy in two hours gets the “get ‘er done” juices flowing.  You scramble around getting the things done that you said you were going to get done (or you do a completely different set of things!) and call your friend at the specified time to report on your progress. 

Sometimes I’m totally kickin’ it and sometimes I’m draggin’ it.  This weekend I was draggin’ it–partly because it’s hot in Kansas and that can be a de-motivator for me.

When I called my friend, she was all giddy with success.  She had buzzed through her long list of tasks and was continuing to work while we talked.   I wanted some of that pep!  Before the feeling passed, I quick hung up and got to work. 

I started buzzing too–that’s what happens when you decide to do what needs to be done.  It’s never as bad as it seems like it will be. Turns out I had a pretty successful work day, but I wasn’t satisfied because I hadn’t done any of the hot, icky, outside work and it needed to be done.

When I went to bed that evening I made a quick list of things to do on Sunday and went to sleep.  Making that list inspired me because when I got up I started right in on it hoping to beat the heat.  The high today was 103. 

Normally on Sunday morning I sleep in, get up and drink a couple of cups of coffee and slowly ease into the day.  But not today.  I had a list and a desire.  And some discipline.

A few things on the list didn’t get done because in the afternoon I took a hankering to visit the Lawrence Humane Society and look for a dog.  Then I drove to the Topeka Humane Society to continue the search.  I haven’t found one yet but I know I will.  Patience and timing.

Discipline and play work well together.

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