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About the Ville

CherylMillerVille is an online community where members can design a healthy, happy life – we call it The Ville. And we do it together. Whether you want to improve your diet, lose weight, get fit, quit smoking, eliminate stress, simplify life, get organized or have a perfect life . . . you can do it here. You’ll learn how to make changes gradually, step by step.

And you’ll see these changes start to make a difference!


I’m both a trained life coach and an exercise physiologist. Plus, I like to talk to folks! I listen intently, share my observations, and engage you in enlightening and provocative conversation. I coach a small number of committed clients one-on-one and periodically host special group coaching sessions. Check out my coaching services or contact me to learn more.


A wealth of wellness resources at your fingertips…from e-books to audio programs to the all-in-one Wellness Pack that will help jumpstart your journey.


Cheryl is also the owner of the Fairchild Wellness Retreat in lovely Overbrook, Kansas. Featuring an 8-bed Bohemian Bunkhouse, a sweet li’l Guest Suite, and a fully-equipped Wellness Center with kitchen, Fairchild is the perfect place for your next getaway.

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